Womens World at Huaqiang Bei Shenzhen


  1. Who was there ? You don’t have to take exit A!! If you will do it you will lost.Take exit B and WW you will have 2 min from station, in front of your eyes.

    1. Sorry to hear that Kate! Hey, remember getting lost in China is part of the fun! Seriously, I go there a lot, from which station did take you exit A, was it from Huaqiang North Station or Huaqiang Road Station?

      1. Hi Rod!

        I plan on going to Shenzhen July 2012! It will be my first time in China,I would really appreciate some help?
        My reason for going is to buy clothing for my Boutique in South Africa! I am however not sure about the sizes and prce. I know its difficult for a man to judge female sizes but I was wondering if you knew whether there are bigger sizes than smalls’ available. Also more or less what are the cost per item (I plan on buying wholesale,thus more than one item per style) can you give me an estimate of what I can expect to pay? Also which areas are the cheapest? I would like to buy for under a 100 RMB?

        Also if you could advise on quality,yet affordable accommodation near the markets?

        Any advice/help will be greatly appreciated!

        1. Hi Petrie

          I arrived Shenzhen 5 days ago, and will be here till 18 August.
          My Husband is working for MTN in middle east, and we have invited here by a Chinese company, named Huawei.

          It is my second time here, and we have an assistant from Huawei, so any question, I can get help from him.

          But please don’t forget two things, just last year every thing was so cheaper and now I see that they have increased prices by, say 15%! and another thing is : learn some Chinese terms like “how much it is” , “it is expensive” and “I want discount”, then do your best to get discount, as much as possible. and never say them that it is your first time here, and just say last time was cheaper…

          good luck

        2. Hi there. I am going to shenzhen on 27th for the first time. I read through your questions of last year and I’m wondering; did you get the sizes and at good prices? Please give me any pointers that may help me on my trip. Also, which hotels did you use and what was your experience there? Thank you.

        3. I spend about 6 months a year in China I am from the UK but I have a Chinese assistant who can offer her services she has a history of ladies fashion etc.

  2. I was in Shenzhen on December 2011 and i notice that things in Shenzhen is expensive as compare to Guangzhou, especially Electronics and i was told Shenzhen is the Electronic city in China.

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