Where to buy English Language books in Shenzhen


  1. There is another bookstore in the Foreign Trade Clothing Market in Huaqiang Bei Lu that has a variety of English books. I think many of these are used, although in good condition and the prices are cheaper than what’s marked when I purchased there. It’s in the back corner.
    Also, Springbox Cafe in Shekou, not far from Sea World in the Ecool area has a very small collection of English and other foreign language books.

  2. Just checked out Luohu Book City (深圳书城罗湖店) today. That location has very limited amount of books in English. Most of them are parallel texts for people learning English as a second language. They have the OxfordU’s Very Short Introduction series and Penguin’s Great Ideas series; however both series are the Chinese edition, even though their contents are in English, i.e.: not imported version. All books there are local prints, if you are not used to them, I’d suggest you get the original imported version for better fond/binding elsewhere.

  3. Do you know where in Shenzhen can I buy piano music book

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