Coffee in Shenzhen – Where to find a great cup + free Wi-Fi! [with map]

Coffee in Shenzhen – Where to find a great cup + free Wi-Fi! [with map]

Shenzhen is blessed when it comes to western style coffee shops, and even more so when it comes to free wi-fi. It makes Hong Kong look like a hotspot desert! If you can find a hot spot in HK you’ll usually have to pay or it’s time limited. For example, Starbucks in HK is time limited, but not so in Shenzhen although you will need a working mobile number to receive an SMS with a passcode. Yes, HK probably wins on the boutique cafe and coffee shop front, for now.

Shenzhen has the big coffee franchises including Starbucks, Costa Coffee, Pacific Coffee plus local heavy weights including UBC Coffee and Ming Tien Coffee Language. There are also numerous boutique cafe and coffee shops plus many cafe bakerys serving up coffee and milk tea.

Anyways, here’s the map (note some map locations are approximate):

Other places for free wi-fi in Shenzhen:
Crossiants De France (some stores)
YongheKing (CN) – no coffee but does have free wi-fi.
UBC Coffee (CN)
McDonalds have free wi-fi, and there’s more and more McCafes opening up, unfortunately the wi-fi is time limited.

Feel free to suggest any great Shenzhen coffee shops you find in the comments (include an address if possible).

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