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Jin Kai Plaza in Luohu  

Jin Kai Plaza in Luohu

If your in the area of King Glory Plaza or either of the two markets at the Nanyang and Haiyan buildings then you might also want to sneak a look around the Jin Kai Plaza, sometimes referred to as JinKai Clothing City. The I think there’s actually three different plazas in the one building here all […]

Shenzhen China

Shenzhen of Guangdong Province China is one of the countrys more modern cities and also one of the fastest growing. It's shares strong ties with it's nearby neighbor Hong Kong. It's also only a short ferry ride away from Macao and about 1 hour away from Guangdongs capital city, Guangzhou.

Shenzhen offers bargain hunters and discerning shoppers an unmatched buffet of options whether looking for electronics, laptops, clothes, toys and much more, with much of it made in Shenzhen.

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