Kingkey Banner Center

Kingkey Banner Center

Located in the prestigious Mangrove Bay area of Nanshan, Kingkey Banner Center provides nearby residents with 120,000 sqm of shopping, leisure and dining.

The center features a Rainbow Department Store, a Fundoland and Teletubbies for kids, a Suning store for electronics, and lots of fashion stores. For dining there’s a small Shanghai cuisine restuarant, sushi and noodle restaurants, Ajisen Ramen, McDonalds, Crossiants De France, Mr & Mrs Asyh, Pizza Hut, KFC, Dunkin’ Donuts and once you’ve eaten at all of those you’ll probably want a coffee, try Starbucks or Costa Coffee.

There’s also a Pacific cinema here, so you can eat, shop, gulp down some coffee and catch a movie all in the one spot!

You can also catch buses from here to Hong Kong Airport.

Map Location featuring hotels near Kingkey Banner Center, Mangrove Bay

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