The Best Cheap Hotels in Shenzhen (near the metro)

For this list, I am going to highlight a selection of the best affordable hotels in Shenzhen that are foreigner friendly, clean, comfortable, and not so crazily inconvenient that you lose any saving on transport costs.


The Olive Tree Capsule Hostel Futian

(US $15-20) I’m not going to list many hostels on here as they come and go, and are mostly hit and miss, this one although, is a standout. It has an amazing location in Futian just steps away from Ganxia metro station and it is also offering modern capsule style accommodation with well featured common areas.


Elan Hotel Shenzhen Luohu

(US $20-25) This is the cheapest hotel I know of in Shenzhen with the bonus being that it is within walking distance to Xinxiu Metro Station which is on line 2.


Jtour Inn Songgang

(US $20-35) If you have things to do on the northwestern side of Bao’an then this might be a great value pick. It’s very new and offers great value. Note, while it states it’s near the metro station, it’s actually not, but it is only a short taxi ride away to Songang Metro Station on the fast line 11 which stops at the airport and Futian which could make it interesting to you.


Jia Le Hotel Futian

(US $20-35) It’s nothing special but the location for the price is unmatched. The Yannan metro station is just steps away and it is only a short walk to the Huaqiangbei market area.


Home Inn Shenzhen Caopu Metro Station

(US $30-35) This is one of the few national budget chain hotels that actually IS near a metro station as so many claim to be, but actually, they are nowhere near.


Motel Shenzhen Longhua Metro Station

(US $30-35)  Longhua is the fast-growing district that’s bound to become popular as the new XRL line opens to Hong Kong. This hotel is just a short walk from Qinghu metro station on line 4. On this line it’s very easy to go directly to Shenzhen North Railway Station and Futian Railway Station.


Jucheng Boutique Hotel Futian

(US $30-35)  A basic but modern hotel that is only a few minutes walk from Yannan metro station and a few minutes more walk to the Huaqiangbei area.


Shenzhen Dongmen Colour Hotel Luohu

(US $30-35) This hotel often has great deals with the bonus being it’s a very modern hotel and it’s only a five min walk from Shaibu metro station. It’s also within walking distance to the Dongmen shopping area.


Motel Shenzhen Dongmen Center Luohu

(US $30-35) Modern and clean. Very close to Shaibu metro station and the Dongmen shopping area.


Shenzhen Oneway Hotel Futian

(US $35-40) Modern hotel that covers the basics. Science Museum metro station and Huaqiangbei metro station are within walking distance as is the Huaqiangbei market and electronics wholesale areas.