Based on past visitor reviews, here are the top hotels and accommodation options in Longgang Shenzhen. Longgang is a district of Shenzhen going through rapid redevelopment, attracting lts of new business activity. It’s also the area where you will find the Crane Lake Hakka Village, Hakka Folk Culture Museum, Yiwu small commodity city Market and Dafen Oil Painting Village.

Friends International Hotel

Crowne Plaza Shenzhen Longgang City Centre

Vienna Hotel Banxuegang Road

Three Trees Inn

Yinhao Garden Hotel

7Days Inn Shenzhen Bantian Huawei Base

I Hotel

Vienna Hotel Longgang Nanlian

7Days Inn Shenzhen Ban Tian Wu He Metro Station

Vienna Hotel Shenzhen Longgang Shengping


Golden Sunshine Hotel

Shenzhen Nomo Hotel

Jin Quan Hotel

Yihe Hotel

Greentree Inn Shenzhen Kengzi Express Hotel

City Comfort Inn Longgang Huanan City Branch

Jiaying Chain Hotel Shenzhen Longgang Branch

GreenTree Alliance Guangdong Shenzhen Huanan Town Xidamen Hotel

7Days Inn Shenzhen Ping Shan Road

Jinjiang Inn Shenzhen Shuanglong Railway Station

Vienna Hotel Shenzhen Pingshan Shenshan Road

Vienna 3 Best Hotel Shenzhen Pingdi Pingzi Road