Here is a collection of useful maps showing attractions, districts, transport services and more, plus, links to online map services and useful APPs for visiting Shenzhen. To use Google map services you’ll need a VPN service but I have a few tricks to share on that point.

Main Map showing the attractions of Shenzhen, including the key sights, transport, shopping, markets, hospitals, and transport


China-based map services

Google Maps – you will need a VPN to access Google services but, you can get access to the Chinese version of Google Maps at

The online map service most commonly used in China is Baidu, here is the link to the Baidu Shenzhen Map another is Tencent QQ Map service and Amap.

They also offer street view, and routing services, but, all in Chinese yet its surprisingly useable for identifying bus routes/metro routes etc.




Map APPS for use in Shenzhen

Note: Apple users will be able to use Apple Maps without issue. For Android users try: – offline downloadable maps based on OpenStreetMap.

OsmAnd – offline maps based on Open Street Map.

Amap/Gaode/高德地图 – downloadable on Google Play but in Chinese only.


Useful Static Maps
A collection of static maps for local attractions and travel