Futian Railway Station Shenzhen

Futian Station (Chinese: 福田站 Pinyin: Futian Zhan) is a large underground railway station located in the CBD of Futian District. It provides access to XRL high-speed rail connection to West Kowloon Station in Hong Kong, to Guangzhou South Station (and beyond), and intercity rail services to Huizhou South Station. The trains operating out of Futian Station are China’s latest G series high-speed trains and C series high-speed intercity trains. It is also a Metro station serviced by line 2, 3 and 11.

Routes & Destinations available from Futian Station

Prices will vary slightly depending on booking agent and times may vary slightly due to some services stopping at extra stations.

Guangzhou South Railway Station (广州南) – 82 yuan – 5o minutes

West Kowloon Station Hong Kong – 67 yuan – 14 minutes

Beijing West Station (北京西) – 944 yuan – 11 hours 22 minutes

Huizhou South Station (惠州南) – 31.5 yuan – 65 minutes

Changsha South Station (长沙南) – 397 yuan – 3 hrs 33 mins

Huaihu South Station (怀化南) – 549 yuan – 5hrs 25 min

Foshan West Railway Station (佛山西) – 92 yuan – 1 hr 12 min

Yongzhou Station (永州站) – 356 yuan – 4 hr 24 mins

Pingshan Station (深圳坪山) – 22.5 yuan – 45 min

Shenzhen North Station (深圳北站) –  15 yuan – 11 min

Getting to Futian Railway Station

Its very easy via metro as Futian Railway Station and Futian Metro Station (福田) are interconnected. Futian Metro Station can be reached via line 2, line 3, and the express airport line 11. More about the metro & map.

  • From Shenzhen Bao’an International Airport simply take line 11 directly to the Futian Station.
  • From Louho Border/Lo Wu take line 1 to Grand Theatre Station (大剧院) and transfer to line 2 and head in the direction of Chiwan until you reach Futian Station.
  • From Futian Border/Lok Ma Chau take line 4 to Civic Center Station (市民中心) transfer to line 2 and head in the direction of Chiwan until you reach Futian Station.

Bus and taxi also service the station and depart and arrive from Civil Square at the station.

On arriving, head to -1 floor to buy your ticket, or directly to -2 floor if you have a ticket.


About Futian Railway Station

The station is completely underground and is one of the largest underground stations in the world and the largest in Asia.

Futian Station

Floor Guide
-1F: metro station and high-speed train ticket office
-2F: high-speed train waiting hall
-3F: high-speed train arrival and departure platforms

Waiting Hall

Station Exits

Here is a really hot tip, if you are not leaving by metro please choose the right exit. Choosing the wrong one could mean a long walk above ground to where you really want to be.

Exit 1 Mintian Road(s), Industrial Bank Building,Hangtian Building, xcellence Building, China CITIC Bank Building, Shenzhen International Chamber Of Commerce Building , Xinhuabaoxian Building, Central Commerce Building, Investment Building, Huarong Building , China Unicom Building, Temeisi Building, Gangzhonglv Building, Time Financial Center, Dutyfree Building, Bus Station (Shennan Road to Longhua, Luohu and Longgang direction)
Exit 2a,2b Lnvestment Building, Bus Sation, South Side of Shennan Blvd To Luohu
Exit 3,5 South Side of Shennan Boulevard, Investment Building, Huarong Building, Marco Polo Shenzhen, Temeisi Building, Unicom Tower
Exit 6,7 Hongkong CTS Building, Times Finance Centre
Exit 8 Duty-free Business Building, Fengli Building
Exit 10,11 Shangri-la Hotel, Kerry Plaza, Yijing Central Walk, The link City
Exit 14 Public Square
Exit 15 North Side of Shennan Boulevard, Shenzhen Civic Center
Exit 16 North Side of Shennan Boulevard, East Side of Mintian Road, China Huaxi Building, Taiping Finance Building
Exit 27 North Side of Shennan Boulevard, South Bosera Fund Building, Yitian Road, Taiping Finance Building
Exit 28 South Bosera Fund Building, Taiping Finance Building, Foundation Building, Securities Building, Rong Chao Center
Exit 29a,29b Bus Station (To Nanshan), Taxi Station
Exit 31 Mintian Road(N.), China Construction Bank, Bank of China, ICBC Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, CMBC China Merchants Bank, BEA Bank Of East Asia, Media Group Building, Huangpu Yayuan



Fu Tian Qi Che Zhan, Futian Qu, Shenzhen Shi, Guangdong Sheng, China

Around Futian Train Station

  • Starbucks – Head out metro exit 3h
  • Coco Park Shopping mall – jump on line 3 and head one station south to Shopping Park Station
  • Ping’an Financial Center (平安国际金融中心) – the new megatall skyscraper – jump on line 3 and head one station south to Shopping Park Station exit D and walk a few minutes south
  • Jump on line 3 and head north for one station to Children’s Palace Station where you can explore Shenzhen Library (深圳图书馆) which also has numerous cafes, Children’s Palace, and the Civic Centre
  • Jump on line 3 and head two stations north to Lianhuacun Station and go for a stroll through Lianhuashan Park or walk to the glitzy new Upperhills Mall