Shenzhen Climate

Being sub-tropical, the city is a great place to visit all year round. You’ll never have to worry about it snowing that’s for sure!

A guide to the seasons (in Celsius):
Summer – Starts around the end of May through to mid September. Temperatures range from mid 20’s to low 30’s with humidity in the mid 80’s. Lightweight clothing, Summer dresses, T-shirts and shorts are common. Some air-conditioned buildings/transport can feel quite cold and you may want a light sweater or shawl. Lot’s of women can be seen with umbrellas for sun protection, if you use sun cream bring it with you, when you can find it here it usually has whitening agents added as white skin is seen as a measure of beauty. You’ll also want an umbrella for rainy days. Summer is also typhoon season, while Hong Kong usually cops the worst of it, it pays to keep an eye on the weather reports during May to November.

Autumn – mid September through to early December. Temperatures range in the low to high 20’s with the humidity around 70%. T-shirts still OK, light jackets, sweater can be useful. Really comfortable time of year.

Winter – mid December through to February with temps ranging from 14 to 20. Temp can drop as low as 10 degrees, so jackets, a jumper and general warmer clothing is needed.

Spring – from March to mid May. Temperature and humidity are on the rise with temps ranging from 18 to 27 and humidity around the 80%. Not so much need for the winter clothing anymore but a light jacket/sweater is sometimes needed and occasionally there are cold snaps. Spring is also a very festive time of year on the Chinese calender so many people will be heading home or returning from the Spring Festival, check your travel dates to avoid the rush!


Monthly Temperature Table:

Jan Feb Mar Apr May June July Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Highs °F 68 68 73 79 84 88 90 90 88 84 77 72
°C 20 20 23 26 29 31 32 32 31 29 25 22
Lows °F 54 55 61 68 73 77 79 79 75 72 63 55
°C 12 13 16 20 23 25 26 26 24 22 17 13


Monthly Rainfall Table:

Jan Feb Mar Apr May June July Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Rainfall in mm 30 44 67 174 239 297 340 368 288 99 37 34
# of Rainy Days 6 10 11 12 16 19 17 18 15 7 5 5