Shenzhen North Station (Chinese: 深圳北站  Pinyin: Shenzhen Bei Zhan) is located in Longhua District north of Futian. It is a major station that operates modern high-speed G series trains, EMU Trains, D trains, and C series intercity trains. Popular destinations from this station include Guangzhou, Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing, Guilin, Xiamen and many more. It will also be a station on the Guangzhou-Shenzhen-Hong Kong Express Rail Line. It’s also connected to the Shenzhen Metro network.

Main Destinations and Train Routes from Shenzhen North Station

Prices vary, use as a guide only. Times vary slightly due to different train types used and the number of stops.

Train Route Train Type Price (Yuan) Duration km
 Shenzhen North
EMU 117/144 2 hours and 0 minutes 208
 Shenzhen North
Huizhou South
Intercity train 20 27 minutes 56
 Shenzhen North
Zhanjiang West
EMU 307 4 hours and 9 minutes 532
 Shenzhen North
Xiamen North
EMU 143 3 hours and 35 minutes 514
 Shenzhen North
Guangzhou South
EMU 74.5 44 minutes 102
 Shenzhen North
Intercity train 55 1 hour and 10 minutes 156
 Shenzhen North
EMU 640 14 hours and 16 minutes 1924
 Shenzhen North
High speed railway 538 4 hours and 38 minutes 1171
 Shenzhen North
Nanning East
High speed railway 243 4 hours and 8 minutes 665
 Shenzhen North
EMU 103 2 hours and 14 minutes 305
 Shenzhen North
Changsha South
High speed railway 388.5 3 hours and 21 minutes 809
 Shenzhen North
Shenzhen Pingshan
Intercity train 20 21 minutes 36
 Shenzhen North
Guilin North
High speed railway 239.5 3 hours and 10 minutes 548
 Shenzhen North
Wuyi Shan East
EMU 334 7 hours and 5 minutes 984
 Shenzhen North
Chongqing North
High speed railway 819 11 hours and 55 minutes 2052
 Shenzhen North
Jinan West
High speed railway 975 10 hours and 30 minutes 2353
 Shenzhen North
EMU 180 3 hours and 49 minutes 527
High speed railway 15 11 minutes 9
 Shenzhen North
Wenzhou South
EMU 362 7 hours and 32 minutes 1034
 Shenzhen North
Kunming South
High speed railway 610 7 hours and 4 minutes 1435
 Shenzhen North
EMU 205 4 hours and 29 minutes 585
 Shenzhen North
Huaihua South
High speed railway 542 5 hours and 13 minutes 1141
 Shenzhen North
Shanghai Hongqiao
EMU 568 11 hours and 37 minutes 1623
 Shenzhen North
Fuzhou South
EMU 260 5 hours and 25 minutes 740
 Shenzhen North
Zhengzhou East
High speed railway 735.5 7 hours and 20 minutes 1707
 Shenzhen North
High speed railway 471 5 hours and 33 minutes 1022
 Shenzhen North
Hefei South
High speed railway 621 9 hours and 56 minutes 1567
Yueyang East
High speed railway 448 3 hours and 54 minutes 956
 Shenzhen North
Xi’an North
High speed railway 888 9 hours and 37 minutes 2221
 Shenzhen North
High speed railway 699.50 9 hours and 4 minutes 2119
 Shenzhen North
EMU 121 2 hours and 26 minutes 346
 Shenzhen North
High speed railway 297 4 hours and 26 minutes 712
 Shenzhen North
Nanchang West
EMU 546 8 hours and 37 minutes 1202
 Shenzhen North
Luohe West
High speed railway 675.5 7 hours and 58 minutes 1552
 Shenzhen North
EMU 198.5 4 hours and 22 minutes 586
 Shenzhen North
Yichang East
High speed railway 657.5 6 hours and 53 minutes 1499
 Shenzhen North
EMU 313.5 7 hours and 51 minutes 942
 Shenzhen North
EMU 420 8 hours and 17 minutes 1099
 Shenzhen North
High speed railway 356 4 hours and 10 minutes 767
 Shenzhen North
High speed railway 588.5 6 hours and 50 minutes 1293
EMU 229 5 hours and 20 minutes 654
 Shenzhen North
Hengyang East
High speed railway 318.5 2 hours and 46 minutes 632
 Shenzhen North
Beijing West
EMU 756 11 hours and 16 minutes 2400
 Shenzhen North
EMU 488 11 hours and 12 minutes 1623


Getting to/from Shenzhen North Station

By Metro

The easiest way is via metro. The railway station is interconnected to the metro station of the same name, Shenzhen North Metro Station (深圳北站) which is on line 4 and line 5. Due to the road networks buses to here say from Nanshan, or from Luohu can take well over an hour. In most cases, it’s easier to take the metro and transfer to line 4 and then go to the station. More about the metro and map.


By Taxi

  • Luohu Border to Shenzhen North Station would cost around 50 yuan and take around an hour
  • Futian Border to Shenzhen North Station would cost around 45 yuan and take 35 minutes
  • Shenzhen Bay/Shekou/Nanshan to Shenzhen North Station would cost around 70 yuan and take over an hour


By Public Bus

The bus station is located in the East Square, and as of June 2018, there were more than 20 bus lines, including two inter-city bus lines, covering the areas that the metro could not reach.

Site position Train times
Shenzhen North Station Hub floor M352, M353, M354, M365, B647, B666, B667, B730, B742, Shenhui 3B line
Shenzhen North Station Hub second floor M299, M300, M341, M343, M344, M347, M360, E11, E22


Intercity Coaches from Shenzhen North Station

The coach terminal is located on the north side of the West Plaza. There are 33 parking spaces and 8 ticket sales windows. Shenzhen North Bus Terminal has opened a number of lines to Guangzhou, Huizhou, Heyuan, Shanwei, Hong Kong (Disneyland, Tsim Sha Tsui, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong International Airport).


From Destination Terminal Destination city km Time of arrival
Shenzhen North Bus Terminal Huizhou South Railway Station Huizhou 125 07:25/08:35/09:30/10:35/ 12:05/13:10/14:15/15:05/16:15/17:35
Shenzhen North Bus Terminal Heyuan Xincheng Bus Station Heyuan 215 07:15/07:45/08:20/08:50/09:25 /13:50/14:30/15:05/15:40/16:15
Shenzhen North Bus Terminal Disneyland Hong Kong 70 07:30-21:00 (every 60 minutes)
Shenzhen North Bus Terminal Tsim Sha Tsui Hong Kong 70 09:30-20:30 (every 60 minutes)
Shenzhen North Bus Terminal Causeway Bay Hong Kong 75 09:15-20:45 (every 30 minutes)
Shenzhen North Bus Terminal Hong Kong Airport Hong Kong 80 09:15-20:45 (every 30 minutes)
Shenzhen North Bus Terminal Guangzhou Guangyuan Guangzhou 162 07:35/08:45/09:55/11:05/12:15/13:25/ 14:35/15:45/16:55/18:05/19:15/20:25
Shenzhen North Bus Terminal Guangzhou East Railway Station Guangzhou 152 07:25-19:05 (every 60 minutes)
Shenzhen North Bus Terminal Songshan Lake, Dongguan City Dongguan 55 07:20/19:30 (every 60 minutes)


Buying Tickets

You buy your train ticket before entering the waiting hall or passing through the checkpoint. There is an A1 ticket office and A2 ticket situated to the left and right of the main waiting hall entry on ground level. There are self-service machines but they only work if you have Chinese ID. Especially around holiday dates, the line to purchase tickets can be quite long. I have struck it many times when tickets have been sold out and I have had to stay overnight to board a train the next day. Always plan ahead. Also note, you cannot buy tickets or enter the waiting hall without showing your passport.

At Shenzhen North Station

The station has a shopping mall attached (Bingo Space) which features a number of fashion outlets, stores, cafes, and eateries. You can easily kill a little time under the A/C there. There’s a Vans Outlet, Adidas store, and lots of local names.

Inside the station, once you have purchased a ticket and passed through the security checkpoint there are a number of fast food restaurants and cafes, and also a couple of convenience stores. Prices are a little higher inside but not outrageous but almost so. I suggest eating before you come or eat at the attached shopping mall before passing through the ticket check.

If you have a first class ticket there are sectioned areas in the center of the waiting hall which have comfy lounges and power sockets for charging. There is plenty of free seating in the central waiting area too.

There are a few power sockets outside of first class lounge areas, but not many, and you’ll be lucky to find a free one. There are a couple of coffee shops where you can make a purchase and use their wifi and power sockets IF they have any seats left. Restaurants include Kungfu, McDonald’s, KFC and a few others.


Nearby Shenzhen North Station

You can take the metro line 4 one station northwards to Longhua Station, there is a large mall there, 9 Square (九方购物中心) and several blocks of upmarket residential areas.