A Guide to Shenzhen’s Districts

Shenzhen consists of 9 districts and 1 new area, they are Luohu, Futian, Nanshan, Yantian, Bao’an, Longgang, Longhua, Pingshan, Guangming, and Dapeng New District.


Luohu District 罗湖区

Luohu is one of the city’s major districts featuring a land border crossing to Hong Kong, Shenzhen Railway Station (with services to Guangzhou and beyond), major shopping malls inc MixC, and markets inc Luohu Commercial City and Dongmen Clothes Market.

Name CN Pop. (2010) Area (km2)
Huangbei Subdistrict 黄贝街道 113,382 7.50
Guiyuan Subdistrict 桂园街道 82,694 10.90
Dongmen Subdistrict 东门街道 90,454 2.10
Cuizhu Subdistrict 翠竹街道 110,459 3.45
Dongxiao Subdistrict 东晓街道 100,779 3.48
Nanhu Subdistrict 南湖街道 90,500 2.63
Sungang Subdistrict 笋岗街道 64,004 4.03
Donghu Subdistrict 东湖街道 84,556 29.05
Liantang Subdistrict 莲塘街道 85,569 13.10
Qingshuihe Subdistrict 清水河街道 101,024 13.62


Futian District 福田区

Futian is the modern heart of the city and home to the city’s CBD. It’s also home to the new Futian Railway Station which will connect with the Guangzhou–Shenzhen–Hong Kong Express Rail Link providing high-speed rail services to Guangzhou South Railway Station and into West Kowloon Station of Hong Kong. The district is also home to many of the city’s top five-star hotels, the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center, major government offices, parks, the city’s main library and the Civic Center, Huaqiangbei Electronics and Market area, Coco Park Mall and Shopping Park.

Name CN Pop. (2010) Area (km2)
Shatou Subdistrict 沙头街道 226,061 18.90
Nanyuan Subdistrict 南园街道 108,398 3.00
Yuanling Subdistrict 园岭街道 88,261 3.67
Huafu Subdistrict 华富街道 70,834 5.75
Futian Subdistrict 福田街道 234,861 12.25
Xiangmihu Subdistrict 香蜜湖街道 89,471 9.98
Lianhua Subdistrict 莲花街道 168,392 9.60
Meilin Subdistrict 梅林街道 168,506 34.30
Huaqiangbei Subdistrict 华强北街道 54,067 2.90
Fubao Subdistrict 福保街道 106,811 3.75


Nanshan District 南山区

Nanshan district is best known for its theme parks which include Happy Valley, Window of the World, and Splendid China. It’s also home to the new OCT Harbour and O Plaza Mall, Coastal City Shopping Center, and Shenzhen Hi-Tech Industrial Park which is a home to major global brands inc. Tencent, Baidu, Microsoft, Huawei, and ZTE. The Shekou subdistrict is known for being an expat base and is also the location of a major shopping, dining, and leisure precinct along with the new cruise port and ferry terminal.

Name CN Pop. (2010) Area (km2)
Nantou Subdistrict 南头街道 163,237 16.80
Nanshan Subdistrict 南山街道 152,312 23.90
Shahe Subdistrict 沙河街道 121,350 22.32
Xili Subdistrict 西丽街道 187,832 49.16
Shekou Subdistrict 蛇口街道 87,304 12.29
Zhaoshang Subdistrict 招商街道 79,650 18.36
Yuehai Subdistrict 粤海街道 157,807 14.40
Taoyuan Subdistrict 桃源街道 138,853 40.00


Yantian District 盐田区

Yantian is a very natural and scenic district perhaps most famous for Dameisha and Xiaomeisha beaches. It is also home to one of China’s largest theme parks being OCT East along with Sea World Marine Park.

Name CN Pop. (2010) Area (km2)
Haishan Subdistrict 海山街道 61,858 5.52
Yantian Subdistrict 盐田街道 80,641 17.8
Meisha Subdistrict 梅沙街道 18,063 16.83
Shatoujiao Subdistrict 沙头角街道 48,798 6.91



Bao’an District 宝安区

Bao’an is a huge sprawling district that is developing rapidly with new metro lines now servicing its outer lying sub-districts namely Fuyong and Shajing.  The district is home to the city’s only international airport, a nearby ferry terminal, and major sporting venues at Bao’an Central.

Name CN Pop. (2010) Area (km2)
Xin’an Subdistrict 新安街道 410,056 30.90
Xixiang Subdistrict 西乡街道 580,736 106.00
Songgang Subdistrict 松岗街道 398,153 64.00
Shajing Subdistrict 沙井街道 529,041 60.00
Fuyong Subdistrict 福永街道 472,792 66.20
Shiyan Subdistrict 石岩街道 248,139 64.60
Hangcheng Subdistrict 航城街道
Fuhai Subdistrict 福海街道
Xinqiao Subdistrict 新桥街道
Yanluo Subdistrict 燕罗街道


Longgang District 龙岗区

Longgang is another redeveloping and rapidly rejuvenating districts. It is home to the Hakka Cultural Museum, Dafen Oil Painting Village, Longgang Universiade Sports Centre, and it will also be the future home of the planned Shimao Shenzhen-Hong Kong International Centre 668m supertall skyscraper (more here).

Name CN Pop. (2010) Area (km2)
Longcheng Subdistrict 龙城街道 260,696 77.68
Longgang Subdistrict 龙岗街道 215,273 64.84
Henggang Subdistrict 横岗街道 94,801 40.40
Buji Subdistrict 布吉街道 359,770 30.58
Bantian Subdistrict 坂田街道 221,767 28.51
Nanwan Subdistrict 南湾街道 197,431 24.68
Pinghu Subdistrict 平湖街道 228,217 41.80
Pingdi Subdistrict 坪地街道 94,765 53.14
Baolong Subdistrict 宝龙街道
Jihua Subdistrict 吉华街道
Yuanshan Subdistrict 圆山街道


Longhua District 龙华区

The central area of Longhua has developed rapidly since the opening of Shenzhen North Railway Station (which will be a station on the Guangzhou–Shenzhen–Hong Kong Express Rail Link) and the opening of the metro line some time back. The area has become a base for many who work and do business in Hong Kong with easy metro connections to Futian border and the coming high-speed rail connection. Of course, it’s also very easy to get to Guangzhou via high-speed rail too.

Name Chinese Pop. (2010) Area (km2)
Longhua Subdistrict 龙华街道 367,521 24.80
Minzhi Subdistrict 民治街道 281,652 30.69
Dalang Subdistrict 大浪街道 277,689 37.20
Guanlan Subdistrict 观澜街道 452,598 34.60
Fucheng Subdistrict 福城街道
Guanhu Subdistrict 观湖街道


Pingshan District 坪山区

The area is the headquarters for BYD Automotive, the electric car and bus manufacturer, and Dawan Ancestral Residence (大万世居) which is an ancient Hakka ancestral home.

Name CN Pop. (2010) Area (km2)
Pingshan Subdistrict 坪山街道 205,999 11.78
Biling Subdistrict 碧岭街道 25.35
Maluan Subdistrict 马峦街道 43.86
Kengzi Subdistrict 坑梓街道 94,801 24.07
Shijing Subdistrict 石井街道 36.52
Longtian Subdistrict 龙田街道 26.14


Guangming District 光明区

Home to the tourist farm, Guangming Farm (光明农场), where visitors can see a fully working and producing farm including dairy.

Name CN Pop. (2010) Area (km2)
Guangming Subdistrict 光明街道 480,907 156.1
Gongming Subdistrict 公明街道
Xinhu Subdistrict 新湖街道
Fenghuang Subdistrict 凤凰街道
Yutang Subdistrict 玉塘街道
Matian Subdistrict 马田街道


Dapeng New District 大鹏新区

Dapeng New District is a nature wonderland featuring the beaches Ju Diao Sha 桔钓沙, Dong Chong 东冲, and Xi Chong 西冲, read more about the Dapeng Peninsula here. It’s also home to Dapeng Ancient Fortress (大鹏城) which is one of the city’s major historical attractions.

Name CN Pop. (2010) Area (km2)
Dapeng Subdistrict 大鹏街道 46,867 82.81
Kuichong Subdistrict 葵涌街道 61,105 103.90
Nan’ao Subdistrict 南澳街道 18,588 115.06