Shenzhen Shopper

The city is fast becoming a destination of choice for many bargain hunters and keen shoppers with the city now boasting a diverse mix of luxury malls and traditional markets.

Shenzhens proximity to Hong Kong makes it a popular place to visit and even though Hong Kong may be tax free, many HK locals make the trip over the border to take advantage of savings that can be made in Shenzhen. The city is also a major manufacturing hub for electronics and features one of Asia’s largest electronic shopping precincts.

The Shenzhen Shopper website aims to help visitors, and locals, navigate and reveal the vast array of shopping destinations that are within the city of Shenzhen China. The sites primary language, and audience, is English speaking, although a machine translated version is available in 44 languages.

We also offer Mystery Shopper services in Shenzhen, from a local Chinese perspective and/or from a foreigners perspective (Western/English speaking). Please contact us to discuss how we can be of service.


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