Bagualing Car Accessories Market & AKD Used Car Market

Bagualing Car Accessories Market & AKD Used Car Market

Located on Taoyuan Road, just west of Sungang Arts and Crafts City is Bagualing Car Parts Market. Here you can find two clusters of maybe 100 shops selling auto parts for all types of cars on the road in Shenzhen.

If your a mechanic, you’ll probably feel right at home! There’s also a store here selling what looked to be quality tools including sockets, spanners etc. Each of the auto parts shops seem to have a niche, whether it’s parts of certain kind, like brakes or mufflers, or for a particular make of car.

There’s also an auto accessories store selling car stereos, GPS, seat covers, floor mats, interior cleaning and protection products (think armor all) and oils etc.

And if you haven’t got a car yet across the road there’s a large used car market, AKD. Most of the cars appeared to be luxury motoring, Porsche, Lamborghini, Mercedes but it looks like further around the corner they also have run of the mill stuff.


AKD used car yard auction/market


How to get there: The nearest metro station is either Hongling on line 3 or Grand Theatre or Laojie Station on line 2. From either you’ll need to take a 5 minute taxi ride.

Address: corner of Taoyuan Road and Hongling North Road – 深圳市八卦二路汽车配件专业市场41栋


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