Yachang Art Gallery

Yachang Art Gallery is located in Futian District of Shenzhen. The total construction area is 11,000 square meters featuring 11 exhibition halls. It is a public art museum operated and managed independently.

Yachang Art Gallery adheres to the concept of “serving the people’s art” and creates an interactive platform for art lovers to learn, communicate and appreciate.  Each year, more than 30 theme exhibitions are planned with an annual audience of more than 300,000 people. The China (Shenzhen) International Cultural Industry Expo is also held here. At the same time, Yachang Art Gallery established a painting and calligraphy research center, a cultural and art derivatives research and development center, a cultural and art library, a cultural and art training center, and an art trading center to provide one-stop services for fans who are interested in art and art collection.

Chinese Name: 雅昌艺术馆
Address: Caitian Rd, Meilin, Futian District, Shenzhen
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Sheraton Shenzhen Futian Hotel

China, Guangdong, Shenzhen Shi, Futian Qu, FuTian CBD, Fuhua Rd, 福华路大中华国际交易广场 邮政编码: 518048

Caitian Rd, Futian Qu, Shenzhen Shi, Guangdong Sheng, China, 518000

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