Buying Prescription Glasses in Shenzhen

Buying Prescription Glasses in Shenzhen

Cheap reading glasses are not to hard to find, but where do you get quality prescription lenses? It turns out it couldn’t be easier in Shenzhen!

Many pharmacy, markets and even street side stalls in Shenzhen sell reading glasses in varying degrees of magnification, but according to the All About Vision website these ‘off the shelf’ reading glasses can often cause headaches, eye strain, and even nausea where the glasses are not matched to your eyes needs. If you need reading glasses it seems like a good idea to get glasses tailored to suit your eyes.

Being near Luoho I checked out what was available at Luohu Commercial City. Of course there is loads of shops selling sunglasses and reading glasses but interestingly there is also a few optometrists. I wandered around a few noticing the equipment they had and randomly picked one.

After looking through a vast collection of frames, some discussion about what I needed the glasses for, and then of course some wheeling and dealing on the price, I sat down in the chair to have my eyes tested. Oh yeah, the English is good and no problems with communicating.

There’s a choice of lenses and they also stock HOYA lenses, they have transitional lenses (photochromic lenses), bifocals, trifocals and no-line progressive addition lenses.

It only takes 30 minutes to an hour to have the glasses made up, so, in no time at all I was walking out with a  new pair of tailored reading glasses for a great price. They are comfortable, work well and for sure they have made working at the computer a little easier!

Address: Luohu Commercial City at the Luohu border opposite the railway station. Shop: #3116 – 3rd floor – Job Glasses Shop





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