1234 Space at Dongmen (Laojie)

Here is a new addition to the mega shopping district that is Dongmen Market, an area renowned for discount clothes shopping. 1234Space is a mid-range price shopping mall with easy access to Loajie Metro Station.


It features a mix of food and beverage plus brand name clothes, jewellery, and lifestyle products. Some brand names include Teenie Weenie, Tommy Hilfiger, MyPlay Ash, Gap, Monki, Converse and many more. The big tenant is H&M which spans 3 levels.



The mall has a great range of restaurants including the seemingly popular Green Tea and Hong Kong restaurants, plus at least 4 coffee shops including Starbucks, Pacific Coffee, BLT and for the best coffee try UP which is located inside the bookstore on the upper level (pictured above). The Sisyphe Bookstore (西西弗书店) is pictured below, at the time I could not see any English books, but I didn’t look very hard either, although, lots of the signage is dual language..



The BLT is a small modern mart offering coffee, bakery, and grocery lines.


Address: 3018 Jianshe Lu, Luohu District, Shenzhen 地址:深圳市罗湖区建设路3018号, 深圳华润1234space

Getting there: simply got to Laojie Metro station and exit D

WWW: http://1234space.com


Hyatt Place Shenzhen, Dongmen

Four star hotel with superb location and easy metro access

Luohu, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China


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