Photos of Shenzhen from 1980 to now

Photos of Shenzhen from 1980 to now

(Last Updated On: October 29, 2015)

Shenzhen is a modern city that grew quickly via attractive governmental policies, in fact most of it’s growth only occurred in the last 30 years. Here is a bunch of photos that were circulating on QQ that showcase the cities growth.


The beginnings of Shennan Avenue



Shenzhen University and Nanshan Houhai in the 1980’s.

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In 1981 the first hi rise is underway

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The early days of Shennan Dadao

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Photo of Louhu in 1980’s, the tallest building was at Guomao

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Nanhai Hotel in Shekou 1983

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Louhu before the construction of Diwang in 1980-90

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Construction at Huanggang Port begins with the border control point

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Loohu border crossing

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The first McDonalds in Shenzhen, and the first in China opened at Dongmen in 1990’s

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Diwang under construction

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SEG Electronics building under construction

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Kingkey 100 under construction

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2014 will see a new high with the Pingan Building.

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  1. I first visited shenzhen in December 1980, I am pleased to be looking back at shenzhen’s historical photos. I have various ideas re past and present.

  2. the most beautifull part of the world,beautifull design in combination with beautifull people
    from my hart
    mr Johan Das

  3. really amazing and we feel how quickly China rise

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