Jiahua Foreign Trade Clothing Market


  1. Yeah, I have been there thrice 2005, 2008 & 2010 and its true it a place worth a visit for clothing especially the big sizes.I remember last year I went to look for side pocket pants and ended up buying jackets, a travelling bag and leather purses for my wife.

  2. Been twice…

    I’m a big guy living in Hong Kong…..this is the place to get those larger sizes!

  3. Unfortunately this market was closed and demolished in mid-2014 🙁

  4. June 2014, it has got demolished.
    Donot know where it has moved and when will it be operative again.

    Can some one advise where have all those shops gone?

  5. This place has been closed down now. Most of the retailers have now moved to a new building, Carnival Clothing Centre nearby

  6. It’s closed already..:S Does anyone know where they moved to?

  7. I heard this place is closed now. Do you know what would be the best alternative (or where most of the shopowners moved to) in Shenzhen? I loved the jiahua market for there famous brands (real or fake) at rock bottom prices. It would be sad to see there’s no alternative. Thanks

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