Luohu Commercial City – 罗湖商业城


  1. If you are at ground level, it’s the building directly opposite the railway station. Luohu is a great market and if people have the time they should also check out Dongmen market for clothes and Huaiqiangbei for electronics.

  2. Can anyone tell me if Betty Yan still has shops there?

    1. I’ve been trying to find Betty also but no luck!

  3. This is the copy market in shenzhen? Are the copies any good or is guangzhou better for that stuff or how about the markets in hong kong?

  4. I returned to this weird and amazing place of rip offs, to take my wife and 3 adult children (to allow them to experience it).
    I visited this shopping centre a couple of years ago and was reluctant to expose my daughters to the gross haggling that is required.
    The place is full of aggressive and annoying salespeople trying everything to make you purchase their goods.
    There are (I think) about 1,200 little shops within this 5 story mini-Westfield. They all sell the same, same products (all rip off items).

    Here is how it works: The shops sell their own products, BUT have access to all the brand name rip offs. They will show you catalogue after catalogue of different products (such as ladies bags, wallets, shoes, etc) and then, if interested they will immediately source the product from the warehouses. The warehouses are located within the centre or across the road. But these warehouses are hidden from the authorities (somehow) and they, via runners (or delivery boys) immediately bring the product (which are always fakes) to the shop.

    All the shops pay the same price to the warehouses … so obviously it is the job of the individual shops to re-sell it to you the customer, at the highest price. They will start at the most ridiculous price, in the hope that you the buyer has no clue to what the “fair” price is.

    So, the ONE REASON why we had a great day is that we spent the day with one of the shop owners. His name is LU and his shop number is 3313. LU does the same as all the other shop owners. ie. he sells standard Chinese products in his shop and he also has the many catalogues to browse through. And when you decide on a (fake) product, then he calls for it to be delivered to his shop. If you like it you buy it, if not he sends it back to the warehouse. Simple.
    But you don’t need to barter with him (what a relief) as he simply adds a small margin to the prices that he pays to the warehouse. You need to trust him (I know that it can be tough to trust a stranger) but I did and I am pretty sure that I got some good prices.
    LU doesn’t sell all types of goods, so he will take you to the store (I guess they are his buddies too) but he tells you the warehouse prices before you enter the stores (to obviously help you with your bargaining).

    LU has his own website. com I suggest you contact him and he will collect you at the border and take you to his shop. His mobile: (0086) 15989366504.
    -Skype ID: dragonstore1
    Mobile Phone: 0086 15989366504

    Here is a list of prices, that I paid for goods in Jan ’13 (in Chinese RMB and Australian $):
    Baseball Hat: 30 RMB: A$4.50.
    Mens (genuine leather, but fake): 180 R: A$27.
    Mens Polo Shirt: R50: A$7.70.
    Converse or Vans shoes: R80 to 100: A$12 to $15.
    Nike Air Force One Mens shoes: R180: A$27.
    Surf T-shirts: R35: A$5.50.
    Long Champ bags: R50: A$7.70.
    Mens short sleeve business shirts: R60: A$9.
    Brooks sandshoes: R250: A$38.
    Jeans: R140: A$22.
    Prescription (Elvis glasses): R275: A$42 (a must for the Elvis Festival in Parkes, NSW).

    One other thing. The fake, rip-off goods have different levels of rip-off quality. Some real top end fakes, some pretty good fakes and then some crappy fakes.
    The hard task is to pick the differences the fakeness (is that a word?) so this is where LU earns his keep!
    Give him a go and you won’t be disappointed. I will NEVER go there again without my wingman and I would recommend LU (big time) to my friends.

    [ We spent 8 hours there, bought so much fake stuff and had a terrific yum cha meal … which was located on the same level as LU’s shop. Ask him about the place. The 5 of us made pigs of ourselves, including a full duck and many, many other dishes. It cost <AUD$25 (no grog). Was good quality food and it was the only thing that I bought on the day that wasn't fake.
    And 8 hours for a bloke doesn't happen too often 🙂 ]

    1. Hello,,,,the cost for its service??? LU how much charges you?and is 100% trust in him?

  5. okay so i am going to this “mall” tommrrow. I hope to spend the whole night and also get my hands on some good beats by dre studios and some sol republic headbands. Ill put a full update and “actual review” as also with some prices 😀

  6. I’ll come to shenzhen on 30th of January 2014, one day before Chinese New Year, would LUOHU COMMERCIAL CITY open on that date? because i want buy some clothes. thanks

  7. is there any shop sells ocarina in this Luohu Commercial City?

  8. Please does anyone know tailor shop called Judy tailor level 5 lo hu center I need her mobile number???

  9. Hello. Could anyone help me with gaining a source for televisions also mobile phones. Any help will be greatly appreciated with cash.

    Kind regards john

  10. It’s not just an area of fake goods. It’s also THE area for call girls. Next to the railway station is honeycombed with brothels inside high rise apartments. If you walk towards them you will find dozens of hookers trying to obtain clients. The whole area is black market….

  11. If you are looking for great quality knock-off handbags, watches, shoes etc…

    Then I can highly recommend Lily:
    Shop No. 254, 2nd Floor, Lily Shop.

    You need to do the usual bargaining but you will get good quality goods.

    Lily is a terrific chinese lady to whom we were recommended to by friends and have not been disappointed. We have been buying stuff from over 4 years now.

    We highly recommend Lily’s shop.

  12. I have been there 3 times already and i see everyone talks about what they call their rip off knock off goods. It’s a bit obnoxious to complain about it. You find it a rip off, don’t buy it!!
    The people are annoying with wanting you to come into their shops and I never go to buy knock offs. What I go for are the unique and beautiful pieces of clothing that I can’t find anywhere especially at their prices. When I come back to the states and wear something I purchase there, I get so many compliments because nobody has seen that article of clothing before and that is why I go back. Meanwhile, on my first trip I prurchased a designer bag for fun because I liked the style. I have real bags from the same designer and honestly, the one I bought there which wasn’t real has held up better than the real ones.

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