Shuibei Jewelry Park – Wholesale and Retail Jewelry Market

One of the first things that really amazed me about shopping in China was the concentration of the one product category in a single area. For example, if you wanted to buy electronics you would go to the electronics market where you’ll find streets of stores, stalls, and malls selling just electronics, Huaqiangbei being the example there. It’s no different with jewelry, and Shenzhen has it’s own jewelry market district packed with stalls, stores, and malls.

Located within Wanshan Shuibei Jewelry Park, which covers approximately 570k square meters, is over 500 different companies wholesaling and retailing all types of jewelry including rings, wedding bands, necklaces, earrings, bracelet and anything you could imagine. Here you can find products made from gold, silver, cubic zirconia, jade and much more at varying quality and prices.

Shuibei International Jewelry Trade Centre

The large market area is bordered by Tianbei 4th road, Wenjing North Road, Buxin Road and Cuizhu Road. In the area, you’ll find several large multi-story malls and street-level stores. Most of the wholesalers are located on the top floors with most expecting initial orders 3000RMB+, while on the lower, and street levels, small purchases are very welcome and the prices are still considerably lower than any retailers outside of the market area.

Some of the larger multi-level malls amongst the many in  the area include:

Shuibei International Jewelry Trade Center on the corner of Tianbe 4th Road and Beili North Road

Shenzhen Jinli International Jewelry Trading Center on Tianbe 4th Road

Kingliving International Jewlery Trade Center on Beili South Road

Shenzhen Gold Plaza at 1 Shuibei Road

Tianbei Oriental Jewel International Jewelry Trade Plaza at Tianbei Garden Annex Building on North Wenjin Road

Remember, that’s just a sample of the many multi-level malls!

How to get there: take the Metro line 3 to Tianbei Station and go out exit C, walk straight ahead and on your left you’ll see some jewellery shops and the first large mall will be Shuibei International Jewelry Trade Centre.

Hotels near the jewellery market: actually there’s nothing great. 7 Days Inn at Shubei Jewellery Mall is a clean and comfortable basic option, another would be to stay at the four-star Metropark Suites at Dongmen which is right by Shaibu MTR Station just one stop away from Shubei MTR or a short taxi ride.

Address: Bordered by Tianbei 4th road, Wenjing North Road, Buxin Road and Cuizhu Road.


Metropark Suites at Dongmen

 7 Days Inn at Shubei Jewellery Mall

Luohu, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China

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4 Responses

  1. Arash says:

    IS it Shubei Jewelry Park or Shirble Park or Shuibei district? I cant understand if this is one shop or a big market place, you answer please. Arash

  2. pravin vaidya says:

    Is this a one shop or big market,pls clearify this.i want to visit this place on 24th nd 25th sep.12. pravin

  3. Shazzie says:

    Hi – I have been importing 925 sterling silver for the last 15 years and have a small business but this will be my first trip to Shenzhen. I have always bought at Kao San Road Bangkok in the past and Indonesia. My question here is does anyone know whether the wholesale silver market in Shenzhen is more competitive than Thailand as in the last few years Thailand has definitely outpriced itself (sadly) so I am definitely visiting this market and hope to be successful – any advice would be greatly appreciated thanks a ton