Shuibei Jewelry Park – Wholesale and Retail Jewelry Market


  1. IS it Shubei Jewelry Park or Shirble Park or Shuibei district? I cant understand if this is one shop or a big market place, you answer please. Arash

  2. Is this a one shop or big market,pls clearify this.i want to visit this place on 24th nd 25th sep.12. pravin

    1. It’s a market area covering several blocks, there are many shops

  3. Hi – I have been importing 925 sterling silver for the last 15 years and have a small business but this will be my first trip to Shenzhen. I have always bought at Kao San Road Bangkok in the past and Indonesia. My question here is does anyone know whether the wholesale silver market in Shenzhen is more competitive than Thailand as in the last few years Thailand has definitely outpriced itself (sadly) so I am definitely visiting this market and hope to be successful – any advice would be greatly appreciated thanks a ton

  4. Do u have an online selling site?

  5. We are a Sterling Silver 925 factory located near Shenzhen. You are welcome to contact us in case of any help needed :

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