A Shoppers Guide to Luohu

A Shoppers Guide to Luohu

For many, Luohu is the first taste of Shenzhen, or maybe even China that many people get. It’s where the city’s major train station is based and it’s also the largest overland port for people moving between Hong Kong and Shenzhen/Mainland China.

It’s also the base of some of the city’s great shopping destinations including Louhu Shopping Mall, Dongmen clothes markets and the luxury shopping malls including MixC, King Glory Plaza and KK Mall.

If you have come across the Louhu/Lo Wu border from Hong Kong, or arrived by train to Shenzhen Railway Station then the shopping trip begins almost immediately. The first stop is the famed Louhu Commercial City (LCC or Louhu shopping Mall/Louhu Plaza) which is located right alongside the border port and railway station. Here you can find several floors of copy goods, jewellery, arts and crafts, clothes, shoes, custom tailors and a small range of electronics and outdoor gear. See the full review here.

There is a number of restaurants at Louhu Commercial City (LCC), and at the adjacent railway station, including Ajisen Ramen (Quick service Japanese noodles), McDonalds, Fairwood (Quick service Chinese/Cantonese style) and upstairs in the LCC there is at least two restaurants, Laurel is the most famous, serving Dian Xin (Dim Sum) and a western style cafe/coffee shop called Taste. The shopping mall is open from 10am till 10pm.

It’s worth noting that if you arrive at Luohu border after 10pm there really isn’t much to do, even worse there’s no coffee shops with WiFi, so if you are arriving late and need a comfortable chair, drink and the free WiFi head over to Carrianna Square which is a short walk away, more about this further down.

Venturing beyond LCC, you may choose to head out exit E2 of the metro station and on your way you’ll see some small shops selling outdoor gear and a well stocked fishing tackle shop amongst some womens clothes stalls. Keep venturing out the exit and when your back at ground level walk around the corner to the Hang Chen Arts Plaza where you can find lots of cultural and traditional art works like wood carvings, coins, tea ware, calligraphy, carved wooden furniture, pots, paintings and more. The CAA Holy Sun hotel is right near here too.

Head back towards the station exit and keep walking along Renmin Nan Lu and you’ll reach Carrianna Friendship Square (佳宁娜购物广场) which has a Starbucks, RBT (western style cafe/coffee/drinks), McDonalds and an 85 Degrees cafe bakery. They are all open late, closing around 11.30 – 12.00PM. These cluster of shops are right in front of the Metropop Mall where you find boutique shops with ladies fashion, moving upstairs you’ll find a cluster of stores selling antique style goods, jade and curios. Keep walking past these and you’ll be in Friends Walk/Friendship City.

Several Shopping centers here are connected by one walk way, so from Metropop Mall you can walk straight into the Friendship City Moaye department store where you find several slightly more upmarket stores selling quality ladies fashion, mens fashion, watches, jewellery and a whole floor of paternity needs including childrens clothes, strollers, prams, etc. On the 2nd floor you can take the bridge over to Diamond Plaza.

Continuing on you can connect to King Glory Plaza where things go upmarket, with the sparkling modern mall offering lots of luxury brand names, many western fashion brands, sports goods, leather goods, cinema and several dining options.

Out of there and it’s into the International Trade Center where you find a Rainbow Department store and 4 floors of fashion, supermarket, homewares, sports goods and dining.

Walking across the road and down the alley way you’ll find DYMart which has several floors of womens fashion, mostly aimed at the youth market and it is more of a market, and it’s wholesale but they may sell single pieces to foreigners, depends on the store. Next to DYMart is Longteng and Petrel Fashion markets, which have mostly womens fashion including clothes, shoes and accessories, again they are wholesale markets but may sell single pieces.

So far, it’s all been within walking distance from Shenzhen Railway Station and Luohu Port, although if you wanted to get to King Glory Plaza in a hurry you could take the metro to Guomao Station.

Dongmen market at Luohu is a must see destination on a Shenzhen shopping trip and simply take the metro to Laojie station, and, if you really like clothes you may be here for some time. It’s a large market with a mix of wholesale and retail, there’s the stores at street level, and there are numerous malls spread out over the large area wholesaling clothes, fashion jewellery, childrens clothes, hair dressing needs and more.

If your’e looking for Prada, Miu Miu, CK, Gucci, Coach and that caliber of luxury brands then you want to head to Grand Theater station and check out KK Mall or Mix C shopping mall. Both of these offering a mix of high-end retail and luxury brands plus leisure and dining options.

If you are looking for Jade, Silver or Gold jewellery then Shuibei Jewellery Park is the place where you’ll find numerous buildings with stores servicing retail and wholesale customers.

There are plenty of accommodation and for a hotel that’s close to the railway station theres the Shangri-La Hotel and for a value option just around the corner there is the Prince Hotel.

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